22 Jun 2012 , tagged: jekyll, blog

Horray for Jekyll

So I finally got around to play with Jekyll, a static site generator for websites. I was initially sceptical whether a static site generator would be up for running a blog, but after playing with it for a bit, I’m in love with this concept. The ability to write my posts in vim (MacVim that is) and version them with Git makes me very happy. As much as I like Wordpress, it’s getting more and more sluggish (on my old server at least) and every time I’m logging in to it, I spend half an hour installing updates and patches. And with every upgrade I’m worried about the database – even though, in Wordpress' defense, no upgrade ever broke the database. Also, I’m particularly impressed with support for syntax highlighting, which is absolutely essential for technical posts. I’m still digging through the documentation and learning how to use Jekyll, but I’m getting there.

Long story short, I’m excited to write more posts now using this neat tool.

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