24 Mar 2019 , tagged: Books, Ray Tracer, Rust, Cucumber, Test Driven Development

Book Arrival: The Ray Tracer Challenge

I was browsing the Pragmatic Bookshelf and this book caught my eye: writing a ray tracer from ground up with a test driven approach? This sounds like a fantastic challenge to me. I always was interested in ray tracers but always thought it too complicated a topic to do it myself. However, test driven development has helped me work on some complex and terrible code bases, so this feels reassuring to me.

So far I only had the chance to read the first 5 pages and was surprised that the book uses cucumber tests. They look a bit odd to someone that is used to xunit style tests, but I’ve managed to get the basics going with cucumber-rust. I don’t know how much time I can commit to this because the baby keeps us quite busy, but I hope I can spend maybe a few hours a week on this. Really excited to render my first photo realistic sphere or teapot.

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