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A New Theme

21 May 2018 , tagged: Hugo, Blog, Personal

After toying around with the really nice Temple theme I decided there was no better way to spend my afternoon than building my own, new theme for my blog. If you haven’t notice, I recently switched my blog from Jekyll to Hugo. The upgrade path from the really old version of Jekyll to the latest version wasn’t quite working as expected, and having to mess around with Gemfiles isn’t really something I enjoy.

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Horray for Jekyll

22 Jun 2012 , tagged: jekyll, blog

So I finally got around to play with Jekyll, a static site generator for websites. I was initially sceptical whether a static site generator would be up for running a blog, but after playing with it for a bit, I’m in love with this concept. The ability to write my posts in vim (MacVim that is) and version them with Git makes me very happy. As much as I like Wordpress, it’s getting more and more sluggish (on my old server at least) and every time I’m logging in to it, I spend half an hour installing updates and patches.

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