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Switched from Eclipse to IntelliJ

28 Jul 2013 , tagged: Eclipse, IntelliJ

Over the years I have always been fan and user of the Eclipse platform. I liked the openness, the available plugins, and many of its features, including the CTRL-1 hotkey that does everything, and a few other things. However, over time Eclipse got slower and slower, more unstable, and after a while just a pain to use, especially when using more than one screen. I decided to give IntelliJ another try, as I’ve done a few times before.

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Making Eclipse's Method Stubs Better and other things

26 Jun 2013 , tagged: Eclipse, Java

Just downloaded Eclipse Kepler and I’m quite happy with it. It appears fast and stable so far, but that could be just that it’s a brand new install. Anyways, I re-added some of my usual code templates and while doing so, I discovered a few useful things. And because I keep doing this on every Eclipse installation, I decided to write this down here. On a related note, an Eclipse plugin to share your Eclipse templates would be pretty rad.

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