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Zig - First Impressions

23 Oct 2023 , tagged: zig, First Impression

I’ve been following the zig language for a while ever since I saw Andrew Kelly’s talk on Corecursive. The way Andrew describes the design of zig was very engrossing and who doesn’t like a language build for speed. But I have struggled with picking it up; time is in short supply and so were docs for zig when I first looked at it. But that has changed; I finally found some motivation and ziglearn.

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First Impressions of Flutter

24 Jun 2018 , tagged: First Impression, Flutter, Android, Dart

Google recently announced availability of 1.0 preview of Flutter, a new framework for building mobile apps, written from scratch with performance and beautiful UIs in mind. I’ve always been interested in building apps for mobile devices in general and Android in particular thanks to the number of Android devices I own, but was always discouraged by the complexity of building Android apps. I have one on the Android store that got too unwieldy to work on and I eventually had to cease development due to time constraints.

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First impressions: Go

12 Nov 2013 , tagged: Go, First Impression, Golang

Ever since Google release Go I’ve been curious. Many good things were said and I always read bits and pieces here and there. Last week I decided to dive deeper and write some small things and get to know the language. So far I’m really impressed. This is a quick list of things I’ve noticed: Language The go language is full of nice surprises. I haven’t seen everything, but just a few things that really impressed me:

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