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Maven Release Plugin and Git 1.9

29 Apr 2014 , tagged: Maven, Maven Release Plugin, Git

Ran into this issue today and wasted a good hour on figuring out what happened. Seems to be an issue with Git 1.9.x. Symptoms Maven release plugin successfully completes the release:prepare goal, creates the tag, but fails to commit the changed pom.xml. Solution Git’s output format changed slightly in one of the recent versions and Maven’s SCM provider expects output in a certain way. Luckily you can force git to use the old output style:

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Type Incompatibility With Maven SCR Plugin

06 Feb 2013 , tagged: OSGI, Maven, SCR

Yesterday I ran into a most strange error when compiling one of my OSGI bundles: [ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.felix:maven-scr-plugin:1.7.4:scr (generate-scr-scrdescriptor) on project XXX: A type incompatibility occured while executing org.apache.felix:maven-scr-plugin:1.7.4:scr: com.thoughtworks.qdox.model.Annotation cannot be cast to java.util.List I saw several variations of that error and was initially clueless as how to fix it. However, I eventually found the problem: @Service(value = { MyService.class, ManagedService.class }) @Component(immediate = true) @Properties(@Property(name = "foo", value = "bar")) public class NissanAutoDataUrlGenerator implements ManagedService { } The mistake is that the @Properties annotation takes an array as it’s parameter.

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