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Vim Digraph

05 Nov 2020 , tagged: vim

Was writing a few posts for my food blog and needed to type some some “special” characters like é. When on a Mac that’s really simple because the keymap supports typing compound keys. But I’m on Linux and switching between keyboard layouts is annoying. So I figured vim must have a way for typing these characters, and behold, I learned about Vim’s digraph support. The documentation is quite good but I’ll cherry pick some combos because otherwise I’ll forget.

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Slow Ruby Syntax Highlighting in Vim

21 Mar 2019 , tagged: vim, tmux, ruby

I recently switched back from MacVim to terminal (alacritty) Vim because I’m trying to step up my tmux game after reading the excellent tmux 2 book from the Pragmatic Bookshelf. But anyways, I noticed incredibly slow syntax highlighting for larger ruby files, so slow that editing code was almost impossible. After lots of searching and debugging I found it was the regular expression engine Vim uses by default in combination with the Ruby syntax highlighter.

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